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From: Gerry Rogers
Mr. Rogers Windows


A lot of people are always asking me, Mr. Rogers, how much do windows cost? What's the price of an Anderson window?

And they'll point to an average size window in our showroom and say "that window right there, how much does that window cost?"

It's probably one of the most frustrating things for customers... And it's also one of the most challenging things for me to answer because there is so much involved in pricing a window project... in addition to the window installation, and the actual price of an energy efficient Andersen window. There are so many opportunities to evaluate your windows and suggest options that can save money...

With a simple evaluation in your home, we can determine an accurate cost for your replacement window project. We can inspect the condition of the windows being replaced, check for rotten wood, help you evaluate options, and anything else that might be unique to your home.

Here's the advice I like to share about the price of windows... and it comes from Consumer Reports.

They did a nationwide study on the average cost for a replacement window project and found that the average project is 10 windows and runs, $10, $11, $12 thousand dollars. That price included installation and all the bells and whistles that go along with a quality window.

So if you know the average window project costs between 10 and 12 thousand dollars, don’t you want to take the time to have one of our experienced consultants come out to:

  • Look at what you want to have done
  • Look at what you need to have done
  • Provide design solutions
  • Reduce costs
  • Suggest options to improve the look of your existing windows

For example, you could save $1000 by replacing two side-by-side windows with one beautiful picture window. Or going from three double hung windows in a family room to one sliding Anderson window; you’re looking at saving about $2000.

When you customize your window project to your home you can take advantage of the experience of a window and door consultant.

The consultant will

  • Measure each window opening
  • Include your design ideas
  • Consider the specific installation and everything that is involved with it
  • Determine the total price with the options you select
  • Leave you with a written quote.

And isn’t that what you really want? A solution… and a price.

Here’s the thing...

Our consultation is Free
It saves you tons of time looking for information
And it's guaranteed to be a pleasure

When one of Mr. Rogers consultants comes to your house, you will

  • Learn all about replacement windows
  • Have a personal inspection of each of your window openings
  • Get a description of the type of window you need
  • Get an accurate, total price

That information is well worth your time.

Fill in your name here on the page, or give us a call at 888-814-8588.
We’ll contact you for your free consultation appointment. We look forward to helping you get the cost of your window project as quickly as possible.

Thanks again... and see ‘ya round the neighborhood.

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Call 888-814-8588 for a free consultation or fill in the form - we’ll contact you promptly
Your information is held in confidence.
We do not sell or distribute your email address or any other info. View Privacy Policy.