Customer Care

Customer Care

When you chose Mr. Rogers Windows for your window and door replacement needs, you received durable products and professional installation.

However, every product needs general maintenance or minor adjustment from time to time. Caulking can crack or peel. Windows, when opened or closed wrong, can get stuck. Sometimes accidents happen.

Fortunately, when you chose Mr. Rogers Windows, you also got “Worry Free Windows and Doors For Life.”

That means if you have problem—serious or small—we'll fix it. For free.

At Mr. Rogers Windows, we deal with the manufacturer for you. No long, frustrating phone calls. No back and forth emails. Even if they won't cover it, we will.

Once you call the Mr. Rogers Windows customer support center, the original team that installed your windows is notified. Or, if it's been several years, a service technician is called and a visit is scheduled at your convenience to examine the problem, then fix it or order the parts to complete the repair.

You are also covered 100% for parts and labor. If your screen is coming loose, we'll repair or replace it. Caulk cracked? We'll re-caulk it. Whether you're a new customer or have been a customer for years, you can rest easy because we'll be there to take care of your window and door needs, no matter what.

Your windows and doors are Worry-Free... but dirt free is a different story!

There are a few simple things you can do to make sure your windows and doors open and close smoothly and stay beautiful throughout the year. If you need info on cleaning your windows and doors, check out this quick, handy guide for a refresher on the basics. How to clean and operate your windows.

To contact Mr. Rogers Windows customer support, call our toll-free number at 757-512-8860.