Certified Window Installation

Professional & Respectful

You're buying replacement windows and doors. Unfortunately, replacement windows and doors are destined to fail unless they're put in your home correctly. At Mr. Rogers Windows, we only use Certified Master Installers. These are factory trained and insured by Mr. Rogers Windows.

Many window companies hire subcontractors to install their windows. These independent installation crews supply their own tools, vehicles, and time. Window companies that subcontract installation and merely provide the windows, doors, related parts, and your address.
In most cases, subcontractors are:

  • Paid per window for installation
  • Competing for jobs with other subcontractors
  • Not insured
  • Not properly trained
  • Not required to act professionally
  • Not held accountable

Why We Don't Use Subcontractors,
and Why You Shouldn't Either

Mr. Rogers Windows Certified Master Installers work as a team to ensure that every step of the job is done with exacting detail and craftsmanship.

Mr. Rogers Windows installers respect your home. That's why they do as much work as possible from the outside.

Before leaving your home, Mr. Rogers Windows installers thoroughly check to make sure the windows are airtight and open and close smoothly.

The real difference comes when our installers arrive at your home. All of our professional installers are:

  • Paid by the hour for installation
  • Scheduled each day for jobs
  • Fully insured
  • Expertly trained and certified
  • Extremely knowledgeable of all Andersen® and ProVia® products
  • Required to act professionally
  • Held accountable to the highest standards

Subcontractors are in a rush to get to the next window or door opening and to the next job. It's how they make their money. If they don't finish your job that day, they may lose the next day's job to another crew. Obviously, this makes it more likely that they will cut corners on important areas such as squaring, caulking, and insulation in-order to speed up the job.

Window companies do not insure subcontractors, and subcontractors usually do not have their own insurance. If they get hurt at your home, you may be liable. And if one of them accidentally hurts you or damages your property, you'll pay for it, not them.

If the job is not done right, how can you be sure the  window company will send out another crew to fix it? The first subcontractor wasn't up to the job. Why would the second one be?

Since subcontractors are not employees of a home improvement or window company, they are not held to the same standards. They may curse on the job. Leave fast food wrappers, trash and cigarette butts in the yard or driveway. They may track dirt and mud through your house and stomp on your plants. We don't want you to experience that, which is why Mr. Rogers Windows has quality installers eager to help you.