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The Safest Doors Out There

It's 3:00 in the morning and something just woke you up. It's probably nothing. Hold your breath, lift your head slightly, and listen. There it is again, something outside your front door. Maybe it's just the neighbor's cat wandering again, or maybe it's something a little more unsettling.

Even if it is, you can rest easy. You have a ProVia® front door from Mr. Rogers Windows. A rigid, insulated core keeps your home comfortable and saves you money on energy bills. Q-Lon® weather stripping keeps your home draft free. A continuous sheet of 20-gauge steel protects your home from anything else. Whether it's the weather or something worse, nothing is getting in. You and your home are safe.

Get Superior Security from Your Entry Door

Nobody likes to think about needing an exterior door that will keep them safe. That's why Mr. Rogers makes sure that you don't have to. He offers you the safest doors out there. Foam-filled 18-gauge steel endcaps on both top and bottom increase the rigidity of the single, continuous piece of steel. A superior polyurethane core insulates to stop heat and cold from coming through the metal and into your home. These heavy-duty doors provide 49% more steel than standard steel doors.

Your Home Is Safe, Now Make It Beautiful

Now that you know your home is safe, you can customize your steel door to suit your style. After all, your steel doors add an extra layer of security to your home and they're beautiful too!

Choose from smooth steel for a clean, modern look, or accent the traditional look of your home with textured steel. This specially designed exterior door comes with a wood finish and grain that has the classic look and feel of wood.

Finally, accent your entryway with one of our exterior door styles. Then choose from a wide variety of glass or stunning art glass. These stylish patterns add radiance to your door and look amazing on sidelights and transoms.

Stun your guests with a front door that's safe and beautiful.

Check out the sleek look of a Smooth Steel Door or fall in love with the look of real wood grain offered by Textured Steel Doors.

Choose from 13 styles of exterior doors with glass or 4 styles of doors without glass in them.

See our Art Glass gallery for over 15 ways to make your entry door unique.

Choose from 7 wood stains or 13 featured paint colors for either finish.

Choose from a full range of hardware, sidelights, and transoms to accent your front door.

All steel entry doors are made from one continuous sheet of 20-gauge galvanized steel for maximum strength and durability.

Your lock and deadbolt are reinforced with commercial gauge steel.

Keep the outside weather where it belongs with Q-Lon® weather stripping, bulb and blade sweep construction, an extra heavy-duty 1 1/2" thermal threshold barrier, and corner seal.