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Beautiful Historic Looking Front Doors

Think back to the last time you walked through a historic neighborhood. The beautiful Colonial or Victorian houses with arched roofs and bold colors. The wrap-around porches and gorgeous balconies overlooking the city. What always struck you the most? The welcoming front door.

A front door with rich wood grain and delicate glass inset. You always wanted one, you just didn't know where you could get that level of craftsmanship in today's world.

Now you can get the magical door you deserve with ProVia® Fiberglass Entry Doors from Mr. Rogers Windows. Intricate detailing adds unique character to your exterior door, while a deep wood stain infuses the fiberglass with the real look of oak, maple, cherry, or mahogany.

Craftsmanship with a Rich History of Handcrafts and Personal Detail

ProVia® crafts their Fiberglass Entrance Doors in the quaint Amish community of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Simple methods, strong construction, and attention to detail are hallmarks of Sugarcreek crafts, and ProVia® carries on that tradition. Now you can have a front door rich with history and culture.

If you want art glass, you can have that, too. Skilled craftsmen precisely measure, cut, and arrange the glass into unique designs for each exterior door. Intricate hand-cut bevels and sand carving create stunning patterns. Your Fiberglass Entry Door will have the individual attention that assures beauty and integrity.

Protecting You from Wind, Weather, and Whatever Else

These Fiberglass Entry Doors aren't just made for beauty, though. All ProVia® Fiberglass Doors resist denting, cracking, splitting, warping, and rotting. A rigid, polyurethane core adds insulation to each door, keeping your home comfortable and lowering your energy bills. Interlocking Q-Lon® weather stripping keeps drafts and moisture outside. Heavy duty ball bearing hinges endure constant use so your front door opens and closes with ease.

Your family and home will be safe, too. A 20-gauge steel security plate reinforces your exterior door's lock, making your door nearly impossible to kick down. The Trilennium Multi-Point locking system secures the door with 1" deadbolts in three places up and down the frame. So, when you lock your door, it stays locked.

Experience the standard Heritage Fiberglass Exterior Door, or discover the stunning 8-foot model.

Choose from 23 styles of entry doors with or without decorative glass.

See our Art Glass gallery for over 15 ways to make your door unique.

Choose from 7 wood stains or 13 featured paint colors.

Choose from a full range of hardware, sidelights, and transoms to accent your door.

All Fiberglass entry doors are designed to resist dents, scratches, splits, cracks, and warping.

Your lock and deadbolt are reinforced with commercial gauge steel.

Keep the outside weather where it belongs with Q-Lon® weather stripping, bulb and blade sweep construction, an extra heavy-duty 1 1/2" thermal threshold barrier, and corner seal.

For more styles and options, ask one of our specialists for our ProVia Door Catalog.