Double Hung Windows

Experience a timeless home design with replacement double hung windows.

Double Hung Windows - A True Classic

For a look that never goes out of style, choose Renewal by Andersen® double-hung windows. Among the oldest windows styles, double-hung replacement windows provide any home with a timeless, elegant aesthetic. And because they’re Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows, they’re full of modern features that improve performance.

Timeless Looks, Modern Performance

The classic style of double-hung windows complements both the traditional and modern architecture that makes Tidewater so lovely. Most homes include at least one of them. You’re likely very familiar with how they look, but do you know how they work?

In short, double-hung replacement windows feature two sashes that can each move up or down past the other, which makes it easier to control the flow of air into your home. The sashes can be moved down to allow the release of warmer air or moved up to invite in cooler air. Both the top and bottom sashes may be tilted to provide effective ventilation. As an added bonus, it also makes our windows much easier to clean. To seal out wind and rain, our windows feature durable locking mechanisms and weather stripping around all four sides of each sash.

The Andersen Difference

Featuring the perfect blend of form and function, Renewal by Andersen® double-hung windows feature all of the industry-leading engineering, performance, and customizations you expect from Andersen. All of our double-hung windows are custom built to your specifications for a perfect fit and great looks. With our patented FIBREX® material and energy-saving High Performance™ Low-E4™ glass, you’ll increase your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Our design consultants will help you create the perfect window for your taste, lifestyle, and budget.

Take a look at our customization options!

The Classic Look of Wood - with "Never Rot" Magic

The secret of these classic double hung replacement windows is a patented frame material called FIBREX®. A revolutionary combination of strength, durability, and beauty exclusively developed by Andersen®. They’re not made of wood and they’re not made of vinyl. Renewal by Andersen® has improved on both of these individual materials. You get the traditional look and strength of a wooden double hung window, along with the weather resistant and maintenance-free benefits of vinyl. These windows will not deteriorate. And you don’t have to compromise your style: choose wood veneers to match your interior decor, then choose a different color to accent the exterior of your home.

  • You’ll never struggle to clean your windows again. Renewal by Andersen®’s double hung windows make cleaning the glass a breeze. When the lock is released, each sash simply tilts into your hands while you’re in the comfort of your own home, so you can reach every inch, inside and out, with ease.
  • Mix and match interior wood veneers and colors with exterior window colors. Find the perfect color combination for your home and style.
  • Double hung windows are a great combination window that adds a classic appeal to your bay or bow windows and window seat. Add double hungs on either side of your picture window, enhance the charm of your view, and the traditional style of your home.
  • Choose from a full range of colors, grilles, screens, and hardware to fit your style.
  • High Performance™ Low-E4™ glass protects your house and furniture from harmful UV rays, and saves you money on heating and cooling costs.

Double Hung Window Color Options

Think back to when you picked the colors for your home. Remember all the planning and energy you poured into matching the carpets, the drapes, and the walls? Or how you found just the right shade of paint for the outside?

So when you choose replacement windows, you want windows that match your home, inside and out. You want to be able to choose a different color for the interior and the exterior. You want a wide range of color choices, and the option for wood veneers in some of your rooms.

Mr. Rogers Windows understands what's important about replacement windows. That's why choosing one color for the outside and a different color or wood veneer for the inside is never a problem. Andersen FIBREX® windows offer you the option for different interior and exterior colors. With 25 replacement window color combinations, you're sure to find a combination to make you happy.

finish options

Interior Colors

finish options

Exterior Colors

Window Hardware Color Options

Browse our standard hardware options and you're sure to find a finish that accents your windows in every room with just the right touch.

Remember, the fun is in the details, so detail your windows to fit your own fantasy picture of your home. If you can dream it, the details can make it come true.

Standard Hardware

finish options


finish options


finish options


finish options

Dark Bronze

Estate Hardware

finish options

Polished Chrome

finish options

Brushed Chrome

finish options

Satin Nickel

finish options

Distressed Nickel

finish options

Bright Brass

finish options

Antique Brass

finish options

Distressed Bronze

finish options

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Window Grille Options

You've found the right style of window to suit your needs - great! Now for the accent grilles... Grilles are simply the bars on a glass panel, originally used to secure separate, smaller window panes, now primarily decorative.

window options

No Grille

window options

Colonial Grille

window options

Farmhouse Grille

window options

Prairie Grille

window options

Modified Prairie Grille

Window Grille Types

window options

Interior Wood Grilles

Hardwood grilles snap into clips on sash interior and remove easily for glass cleaning. Contemporary or classic profiles in two widths.

window options

Grilles Between The Glass

Pre-finished aluminum grilles permanently installed to provide the quick glass cleaning of a smooth surface. Narrow or wide width.

window options

Full Divided Light Grilles

A visual replication of true divided glass, with a permanently applied exterior FIBREX® material grille, and aluminum space® between the glass, and a removable or permanently applied wood interior grille.

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