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High-Quality Sidelight Windows

Your threshold will sparkle like the Gem of the Neighborhood with sidelites.

Think back to the last time you walked through a historic neighborhood. The beautiful Victorian houses, arched roofs, and bold colors. Have you noticed that the most welcoming homes are the homes with bright, open entrances? Mr. Rogers has. He also knows that the best light is natural. Light that filters in gently from outside to give your entryway a soft glow that brings the outdoors in with you for a moment and then transitioning gently to the interior lighting. A stained-glass panel in your door itself is the perfect way to achieve this, especially when it's enhanced with sidelite panels on both sides. Stunning.

Add Instant Curb Appeal with Gorgeous Entry Door Sidelites

Sidelites add unique elements to your entryway. Crafted to match the material, color, and style of your door, sidelites create striking curb appeal. Choose from a wide gallery of styles: stained glass, traditional, privacy, and one-of-a-kind designs. Whatever you choose, your sidelites will reflect that wonderful sense of style that makes your home you.

  • Choose from 6 styles of sidelights in Steel doors or 4 styles in Fiberglass doors.
  • See over 15 styles of privacy and stained-glass sidelights in the Art Glass gallery.
  • Choose from 7 wood stains or over 13 featured paint colors.
  • All sidelites are made from Tempered Low-E glass.

*Sidelite Windows are sold as a part of our complete door replacement systems. Not sold separately.

For more styles and options, ask one of our specialists for our ProVia Door Catalog.