Picture Windows

Enjoy the Picture Outside Your Replacement Window

Picture windows look great and add magic to your home. At your next party, guests will gather around your picture window to enjoy the view. During those rare winter snows, your family will watch the soft fall of flakes outside your energy-efficient picture window, while still warm and snug inside. If you ever decide to move, picture replacement windows add value and act as great selling points.

Replacement Picture Windows Look Great and Save Energy

Although your picture window is a large glass window, you can be confident that you've made a smart choice for energy efficiency. The FIBREX® frame is strong and energy-efficient. The glass is double-paned and argon-filled, with a High Performance Low-E4 coating. So, it keeps your home at the temperature you choose. You'll be comfortable all year long while saving money on heating and cooling. If you dare, dream even bigger and imagine a room with replacement picture windows on every wall, or create a beautiful space by adding two windows to the side of a picture window to make a Bay window and window seat. The possibilities are limitless.

Expand your home and accent your replacement picture window with double hung windows, casement windows, awning windows, or gliding windows.

Choose from a full range of colors, grilles, screens, and hardware to fit your style.

High Performance Low-E4 glass protects your house and furniture from harmful UV rays that can cause fading and discoloration.

Mix and match interior wood veneers and colors with exterior window colors. Find the perfect color combination for your home and style.

Window Color Options

Think back to when you picked the colors for your home. Remember all the planning and energy you poured into matching the carpets, the drapes, and the walls? Or how you found just the right shade of paint for the outside?

So when you choose replacement windows, you want windows that match your home, inside and out. You want to be able to choose a different color for the interior and the exterior. You want a wide range of color choices, and the option for wood veneers in some of your rooms.

Mr. Rogers Windows understands what's important about replacement windows. That's why choosing one color for the outside and a different color or wood veneer for the inside is never a problem. Andersen FIBREX® windows offer you the option for different interior and exterior colors. With 25 replacement window color combinations, you're sure to find a combination to make you happy.

finish options

Interior Colors

finish options

Exterior Colors

Window Grille Options

You've found the right style of window to suit your needs - great! Now for the accent grilles... Grilles are simply the bars on a glass panel, originally used to secure separate, smaller window panes, now primarily decorative.

window options

No Grille

window options

Colonial Grille

window options

Farmhouse Grille

window options

Prairie Grille

Window Grille Types

window options

Interior Wood Grilles

Hardwood grilles snap into clips on sash interior and remove easily for glass cleaning. Contemporary or classic profiles in two widths.

window options

Grilles Between The Glass

Pre-finished aluminum grilles permanently installed to provide the quick glass cleaning of a smooth surface. Narrow or wide width.

window options

Full Divided Light Grilles

A visual replication of true divided glass, with a permanently applied exterior FIBREX® material grille, and aluminum space® between the glass, and a removable or permanently applied wood interior grille.

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