During the summer months, nothing is better than opening up your blinds and letting in the beautiful sunlight. However, these open blinds can also bring the summer heat into your home, raising your electricity bill in an attempt to cool your home down. Don’t shut your blinds and live in the darkness trying to stay… Continue Reading Keeping Your Home Cool in High Temperatures
We’ve had some bouts of really bad weather and it reminded us that we are in hurricane season. In fact, there’s a hurricane brewing in the Gulf as we write this. There’s nothing quite like the anticipation and dread associated with the forming and movement of a hurricane off the coast. Most of us stay… Continue Reading Hurricane Season: Batten Down the Hatches
Pets have commandeered a place in human hearts for centuries. Even Ancient Egyptians had cats as pets, although those were more free range than most cats in modern society. Pet doors were invented for domesticated animals that are encouraged to go out in the enclosed backyard by themselves for a bathroom break or recreation. There… Continue Reading The Open and Shut Case for Pet Doors

Tiny House, Big Impact

We recently attended a tiny house festival where the idea of simpler living in a small, efficient space is embraced whole-heartedly. We decided to learn a bit more about this lifestyle and found that it’s more than just living in a small home, it’s a complete mindset change. And before you think this is something… Continue Reading Tiny House, Big Impact
The Smiths have a lovely house, that includes a sitting room with an amazing view. Unfortunately, they avoid this room except for very mild days. You see, this room is really hot in the Summer and very cold in Winter. And most of us know how hot it can be in Virginia during the summer.… Continue Reading The Smiths Before and After With Mr. Rogers Windows
Move over red door, make way for BLUE’s entry! Red has been the go to color for bold statement entry doors for years now but trends indicate 2019 will be the year of the blue door. If you’re in the market for an entry door, bold colors can be a fun way to show personality.… Continue Reading Make a Bold Statement with Your Entry Door

The Fibrex® Difference

You’re probably familiar with wood, metal, and vinyl as options for windows. And there are many advantages to each of those options but with those advantages come some disadvantages as well. That’s why Fibrex® windows from Renewal by Andersen® are designed as a better option for replacement windows. Fibrex®, a patented material, is a composite… Continue Reading The Fibrex® Difference
Photo of Sun Room with New Windows
For hundreds of years, humans have been trying to create the perfect indoor retreat for themselves. In the last 40 years, many strides have been made to create a comfortable home while doing it more efficiently (saving money and the environment). This gave rise to many different window options to keep out the heat in… Continue Reading Low E Coating and Its Effect on Plants
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