Get Your Windows Ready for Spring

Have seasonal allergies got you down? While some welcome the warm weather and budding leaves, others dread months of tissues and tiredness. Preparing your windows for spring is essential to maintaining an allergy-free home. Luckily, getting your windows in shape for the season is easier than you think. Make your home a safe haven from
Old and worn down windows can be a real pain, letting in drafts and overworking your heating and cooling system. When it’s time to find replacement windows for your home, it’s important to find durable windows with maximum energy efficiency for optimal performance. Not only will your home be better protected against harsh weather conditions,
A new year means new home improvement projects, with replacing those old and worn-down windows at the top of the list. Windows are an essential element in your home, both for their beauty and functionality. When it’s time to go shopping for replacement windows, there are several qualities to look out for to guarantee you
Windows with a snowy tree outside

Winter Window Maintenance Tips

When the winter months bring in chilly weather, it’s important to take care of your windows. While we perform outstanding window replacements at Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors, we also believe in protecting your investments and encourage you to take protective measures with your windows.   Window Window Maintenance Don’t let the frigid temperatures and
When you get replacement windows, it is essential to make sure your contractor installs them correctly for optimal performance. Improperly installed windows can make your home uncomfortable with drafts and can contribute to energy loss with your system working twice as hard to keep your home’s temperature consistent. Here are a few signs to look
Are you looking to include custom replacement windows in your next home improvement project, but are concerned about the cost? As tempting as getting pre-made windows for a lower price can be, you may well end up with windows that don’t fit your home or your style. When you invest in custom replacement windows, you
Black Windows - Before and After
Is your home’s décor starting look and feel out of style? Do you want to spruce up the look of your home without breaking the bank? Beautiful new replacement windows are the perfect way to make your home look stunning and modern again. You can completely change the look and feel of your home with
During the summer months, nothing is better than opening up your blinds and letting in the beautiful sunlight. However, these open blinds can also bring the summer heat into your home, raising your electricity bill in an attempt to cool your home down. Don’t shut your blinds and live in the darkness trying to stay
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