Window Washing

Your Windows Are Worry-Free—Not Dirt Free! So Here's How to Clean Them!

Your Mr. Rogers' windows come with many features designed to make cleaning easier. However, when you don't have to clean your windows very often, it's easy to forget.

Don't worry, you'll find step by step instructions here. If you're like me, it's easier to look at pictures, so you'll find plenty of pictures in this convenient window cleaning guide that you can download and print. And there is always a third option; you can watch our series of videos on window cleaning. To keep the videos short, each one covers a specific topic:



The Guide to Understanding Condensation


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The Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Windows


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How to Clean Your Double-Hung Windows

Renewal by Andersen windows from Mr. Rogers let you clean the entire window from the inside. The top and bottom windows tilt inside so you can reach the inside and outside glass.








To see how to tilt the windows out and in, just click play!

How to Clean the Window Trim

Over time, the exterior trim on your Renewal by Andersen FIBREX® windows can get dirty from dust, dirt, and pollen. Luckily, cleaning the outside trim on your windows is easy.








You can even do it from inside. Just click play!

How to Keep Your Locks Aligned

Are your windows not closing all the way? Is the top window hanging down a bit? Then your locks probably aren't aligned. Renewal by Andersen windows come with a special interlocking mechanism that provides increased security and energy efficiency. But you need to be aware of this interlock when you open and close your windows.








If your locks are not lining up, just click play!

How to Keep Your Windows Gliding Smoothly

If your Renewal by Andersen® windows from Mr. Rogers aren't opening and closing as easily as they used to, there's an easy solution. Over time, dust and pollen wear down the lubricant on the window tracks. You need to reapply a silicone-based lubricant occasionally so your windows will open and close with ease.








Just click play and see how to lubricate every type of Renewal by Andersen window.

How to Remove and Replace Your Screens

Renewal by Andersen® insect screens from Mr. Rogers Windows are easy to set in and take out. And you can do it all from the inside!








Just click play to find out how!