Environmental Stewardship

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Save the environment now and eliminate future waste

Engineered to be durable, long lasting, and low maintenance, FIBREX® windows reduce the need for future replacement. You make your window investment once, and you put an end to wasteful, short-term solutions for window replacement. Think about it, no additional materials or manufacturing are needed to replace your windows again in 5 or 10 years and you will enjoy the benefit of all the energy savings.

Renewable Energy and Recyclable Waste is Vital to Green Operations

The energy used in manufacturing and the by-products created during the manufacturing process, have enormous affects on environmental welfare. At the Andersen® Corporation: landfills, air quality, and fuel consumption are all top concerns when it comes to the health and sustainability of our planet.

A steam generating facility was added to Andersen®'s 65-acre manufacturing campus in 2007. Fueled by sawdust, a renewable resource and a by-product of manufacturing, the facility generates enough energy to heat and cool the entire plant, as well as power the equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Two wood-fired boilers responsible for generating the steam are outfitted with equipment that removes particulate matter from their exhaust. The ash by-product, left from the burning, is used by area farmers to improve the quality of the soil in their fields.

VOC emissions reduced by 60% since 1990

VOCs, Volatile Organic Compounds, vaporize into our atmosphere and significantly contribute to the pollution of our air, groundwater, soil, and even indoor air quality. The EPA regulates exposure to VOCs, which are typically found in industrial paint and paint thinners, cleaning solvents, and wood preservatives. By switching to a water borne wood treatment system, Renewal by Andersen® dramatically reduced VOC emissions by an unprecedented 60%.

Additionally, because FIBREX® material creates maintenance-free windows that never need to be painted, the VOCs associated with painting are eliminated as well.

Toxic Release Inventory reduced by 96% since 1990

Every day, manufacturing companies release toxic gases into the air as a result of their manufacturing processes. Since 1980, the EPA has required manufacturers to monitor and report these gases in a Toxic Release Inventory to ensure they don’t pose a threat to air quality or public health. With its 96% reduction, Andersen® now far surpasses the EPA's requirements.

Landfill solid waste reduced by 83% since 1990

You read that right: 83% waste reduction. Nowadays landfills are better engineered and regulations are in place to minimize their impact on our environment. But they can still take a huge toll, such as the off-gassing of the greenhouse gas methane (produced from decaying organic wastes) and possible ground water contamination. By refining and improving its manufacturing operations and recycling waste, Andersen® has reduced its volume of solid waste material significantly, which can also extend the life of our existing landfills.

20% energy savings on lighting

Sometimes the simplest course of action is one of the most productive. By switching to High Efficiency T-8 Fluorescent light fixtures in its manufacturing plant, Renewal by Andersen® reduced their energy consumption by an impressive 20%.