Fire Safety is brought to our attention each October as officials remind us to be mindful and prepared. It won’t take you very long to create a fire safety plan for your home, and it may save someone you love from an injury, even death. I don’t mean to alarm you, but home fires are
Given our current economic climate and the ever–increasing need for cost–savings and energy efficiency in and around our homes, I wanted to address the popular notion out there that blinds–between–the–glass windows and doors are highly energy efficient, (in part thanks to those internal blinds). The reality is, however, that they have all the energy efficiency

Color Your House Happy

Recently, a young couple came to the showroom with what they thought would be a decorating dilemma. They wanted to replace the old windows in their home with energy–efficient ones. Problem was their home’s crisp white frame exterior was in sharp contrast to the cozy colonial warmth they were trying to create inside. They needed
Thanks to new window technology, storm windows are pretty much antiques nowadays. The original purpose for a storm window was to protect a home’s primary windows from the weather. Some of you might remember those old windows with the small panes of glass, and some of you still have them. You know, the ones with
So many experts, including Bob Vila, don’t recommend installing vinyl sliding doors because of vinyl’s structural limitations. Did you know that vinyl expands and contracts four to five times more than wood or even metal? Astonishing but true! This means that, eventually, the performance of the entire door is affected. A vinyl sliding door becomes
We live in a beautiful and historic part of the country, and a lot of homes in this area are colonial gems. Older homes were solidly built, to be sure, but they were also built before we began to worry about the high cost of energy or the environment. So when it comes time to
Can windows actually be smart? Well, when it comes to energy conservation and utility costs, the good news is YES, replacement windows are smart. To keep your house cool and the air conditioner bill under control, windows can be the leading variable in achieving a cool, comfortable home while saving energy doing it. Buying the
There is nothing quite like an icy cold winter day to let you know just how drafty your windows and doors really are. You might be able to ignore these drafts in the summer, but come winter, it can be downright miserable. You shouldn’t be shivering inside your home! There are a number of reasons