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Imagine you and your new sliding glass patio door: On a cold winter day, you're snuggled up warm and cozy inside your home watching snow clouds roll by. Through heavy spring rains, your replacement doors and windows from Mr. Rogers Windows will help your home stay dry and leak free. In the summer, you watch the kids play outside while you enjoy the cool comfort of your home. In the fall, chilly winds stay outside where they belong.

All through the year, you've saved money on energy bills and slept like a log thanks to your sliding patio doors from Mr. Rogers Windows.

Choose the Better Sliding Patio Door

Your sliding patio door is designed to last. No matter how much you use it, you can rest assured that it will remain easy to open and close, as well as protect your home from the elements for years to come. Built with solid cores and attractive, weatherproof, low-maintenance exteriors, your sliding patio door will look as good as new for life. Full weather stripping protects the edges and center of the door, while the Reachout Locking System pulls the door shut tight every time. You keep drafts and leaks out of your home and keep your comfort in.

Opening and closing your door is easy and reliable because Andersen® builds its' sliding patio doors with steel tracks, dual ball-bearing rollers, and self-adjusting levelers. Year after year, the steel track and rollers resist rust and dents, giving you long-lasting, smooth gliding.

Andersen® sliding patio doors give you more security than standard patio doors, too. Auxiliary Foot Locks act as a deadbolt for your patio door, so you and your family can sleep soundly all year long. Tempered safety glass comes standard, and is four times stronger than regular glass. If you ever have a problem with your door, Mr. Rogers will fix it for free with his Lifetime Performance Guarantee.

Frenchwood® Sliding Doors

Your interior is wood. You have wood doorframes, wood-paneled floors, and beautiful wood furniture. Why would you want anything but wood for your sliding glass doors? Andersen® Frenchwood® sliding patio doors come with beautiful solid wood frames that give a majestic complement to any wooden interior. Frame your picture-perfect view with the high quality and elegant wood grain of a Frenchwood® door. We can even match your existing wood finish!

What to Expect with your Andersen® Patio Doors

Feel comfortable and safe with the Reachout Locking System. It pulls your sliding door panel tightly against the jamb so that it provides security and an airtight seal against weather.

Mr. Rogers will not sell any sliding glass door without Auxiliary Foot Locks to provide extra security.

Tempered Safety Glass is four times stronger than regular glass.

Add High-Performance Low-E4 Sun Glass® for a tinted glass that offers even more energy savings.

Choose from the full range of colors, grilles, screens, and hardware to fit your style.

Mr. Rogers backs your patio door choice with his Worry-Free, Lifetime Performance.

Color Options

Interior Colors

* Some exclusions apply. Ask us for more information.

Exterior Colors

* Available with A-Series patio doors only.

Hardware Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options


Finish Options

Finish Notes

1 - Features special coating to seal the finish, providing tarnish and corrosion protection for years to come.

2 - Features “living” finish where the patina grows more beautiful over time.

Monitor limitations prevent exact color duplication. Visit our showroom or ask a sales associate for samples and more information.


Door Grille Options

No Grille

Short Fractional Grille

Tall Fractional Grille

Prairie Grille

Colonial Grille

Grille Types

Interior Wood Grilles

Hardwood grilles snap into clips on sash interior and remove easily for glass cleaning. Contemporary or classic profiles in two widths.

Gilles Between The Glass

Pre-finished aluminum grilles permanently installed to provide the quick glass cleaning of a smooth surface. Narrow or wide width.

Full Divided Light Grilles

A visual replication of true divided glass, with a permanently applied exterior Fibrex® material grille, and aluminum space® between the glass, and a removable or permanently applied wood interior grille.

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