It’s a few weeks into spring and we hope you’re enjoying it. More sunlight and the return of warm weather make it a favorite season for many people, and it’s also one of our favorite seasons here at Mr. Rogers Windows and Doors. Why? Because spring is a great time of year to have new… Continue Reading Window Installation in the Spring
Springtime is here, and that means more daylight! If you’re thinking about replacing your windows soon, you should take some time to think about how you can put all that extra sunshine to good use. You won’t maximize the sun’s illumination inside your home by simply getting new windows installed. To make the most of… Continue Reading Maximizing Daylight Inside Your Home
A beautiful front or entry door is one of the first things that draws someone’s attention to a house and makes them take notice of it. A front door to a home can enhance a home’s aesthetic, incorporate unique design sensibilities, and even raise a home’s value. However, there are lots of options to choose… Continue Reading Choosing A Replacement Front Door – Which Is Best For You?
Are you thinking about replacing your old windows in 2018? If your timeline is flexible, you might be curious about the best time of year to get replacement windows for your home. If you’re working with a professional window replacement company, you can rest assured that they’ll be able to replace your windows throughout the… Continue Reading When Should You Replace Your Windows In 2018?
Winter is almost over, and spring will be here soon! A brand new patio door can truly transform the exterior of your home. We have a variety of replacement patio doors in many colors and styles that are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a beautiful, high quality patio door. you’re thinking about replacing… Continue Reading Energy-Efficient Patio Doors
Gliding windows are an ideal choice for those that are looking for a versatile window that offers ease of use and contemporary styling. Gliding windows, also referred to as sliding windows, have several features that separate them from other styles of windows. Versatility With a gliding window, both sides of the window can slide. That… Continue Reading Why You’ll Love Adding Gliding Windows to Your Home
The type of glass in your windows is more important than you might think! Up to 70% of energy loss occurs through the windows and doors in your home, and 90% of heat loss attributed to windows occurs through the glass in them. That’s why energy efficient windows are so important when considering replacement windows… Continue Reading Why Get a Window With Low-E Glass?
Many homeowners may not realize that there is more than one way to replace windows, the two most popular being “full frame” and “insert.” Window inserts are fully operational windows installed within an existing window opening. With a window insert, the old interior and exterior trims stay intact. We take out the sashes and track… Continue Reading What is a Full Frame Replacement Window?
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